C18. Life Box, Like Minded… Where it all began, from my perspective

Tiny living doesn’t mean your necessities become smaller……

In fact, you need to think hard about what you need (priority) vs all the accumulative items we have in our possession after years of a ‘consumer’s collecting’ mentality.

A small or tiny living environment still needs ‘regular’ sized facility, toilets, shower, cooking fixtures and I’m certainly not going to go from a big bed to a bunk (Toes have never been my thing, so top and tail is out of the equation). So, like any good house design, storage even when abundant, needs to be well thought out and more specifically in small designs, a maximisation of space.

Did the question “where do I keep my vacuum cleaner” cross your mind when designing a small space, it didn’t ours either…. Until…

Tony Hocking from Tubo Central Vacuum Systems emailed. He has taken an interest in vacuum cleaners, branched out and created his company Tubo. His initial email (like the many we get from people pushing products, was, well, discarded…). We had little interest in someone recreating the wheel… it’s a vacuum cleaner! (How wrong we were).

Tony was persistent (very persistent) and came back to us after the girls disregarding email, (that I made them send because I was busy and like to make them look like the bad guys) suggesting what he had to show us was worth knowing….

We are so glad he persisted (like anyone that believes in their product should) and organised to meet with us. Because of Tony’s desire to show the world (NZ) his Italian made compact vacuum systems, we have landed on our feet with the ultimate in space savings!

Tony turned up, (in uniform, not a cape as I’m desperate for someone to do) and presented us with the Bravo model (inbuilt to wall or cabinet) vacuum system power unit. The sceptic I am, was to say the least, very impressed with this incredibly compact unit and its functionality!

Think motor homes, caravans, tiny homes or the house. This system as addressed on their website https://www.tubo.co.nz/residential-system/#Bravo really packs some punch. Check out the rest of the product range while your there, there really is a system for every situation.

The unit will be installed into our kitchen cabinetry with a very clean and simple faceplate operation that effectively makes for a plug and play scenario. The girls felt my idea of rebranding it was inappropriate (‘the hungry hole in the wall’…) and I never passed that by Tony once I was shot down, so will leave that alone for the time being….

Tony didn’t have to say much more, we were sold. Then the question….” Have you heard about LifeBox”? Tony didn’t need the hard sell, he fronted with his unit absolutely free to support us and our charity and was pleased to know he could help out.

The list of benefits exceeds space saving too, as an inbuilt unit eliminates micro dusts and allergens due to being externally vented. Think clean Air, a traditional vacuum cleaner no matter how good the filter, releases particles back into the air!

We as a nation are behind the eight ball with our ‘cumbersome’ vacuum cleaners and should look at the benefits of central systems! Not convinced, check it out!