C22. Life Box, Like Minded… Where it all began, from my perspective.

Have you ever built?

It doesn’t matter what you build, be it a house, palace, castle or container home…. They all have their challenges, hurdles, times of pressure and stress’s. Its not been straight forward for us building LifeBox, even with the intricate building knowledge and infinite detail base we can call on.

One thing is certain, through all the hurdles, building requires the basics, understanding etc, but most importantly trusting and transparent relationships.

We’ve been more than fortunate in that regard, with some fabulous (non-flamboyant kind of fabulous) volunteers, companies and dedicated support networks helping us through the challenges.

And in the architecture and interiors corner, fighting for perfection and consistency one of those very people in black trousers…. Rockotes number 1 rep…. Jason Waterson…. (I had imagined that voiced like an American boxing official where you drag the name out till it’s hardly recognisable)

Jason hasn’t just supported us from day one with LifeBox, he supports us everyday with the design/ construction industry parting his knowledge and know how from technicality (detailing) to hands or, sleeves up on site visits!

Rockcote offers what I’d describe as the soundest cladding proprietary plaster systems and interior plaster options. Why…. well!

Rockcote don’t just have amazing people on the ground, they have processes in place that make them stand alone in the field. (not like scare crows, like, in the industry amongst the other dozens of cladding options…) They document the construction of their products on site (every house) and make regular scheduled visits to ensure their plaster system stands the test of time and protects your single biggest asset. Why wouldn’t you use that piece of mind on your home!

So, with the long construction process with LifeBox’s transformation, we have now moved into developing a unique, boutique interior for the container, (and it’s all go) that will be sure to make a simple/ clean yet exciting space…. (sigh, I must mention this is the girl’s strength, they do pretty colour board things that you can touch, sometimes even scratch and smell… Insert the hand on face Emoji as they sparkle with the excitement talking through interior design… Blah blah)

Jason (the rep turned artisan plasterer…. Not cheese, it means your blimmin amazing at your craft) at the onset, has offered a unique, hand plastered finish to the ‘feature wall’ and bathroom walls.

Jason has spent hours with us (possibly more than desired) prepping, scrapping, throwing mud on walls (no, not real mud) and created a bespoke finish. He has been available to call on day and night (not like late night, more evening…) and has played his hand in several other areas of our build!

The feature walls a hand laid plaster wall with a timber plank effect that plays with the light and has enough texture to excite the visually impaired interior designers among us. The bathroom a very different finish, with smooth yet textured walls featuring Rockcotes Marrakesh Lime Plaster in a dark shade… Its quite sexy actually…. (the plaster, not Jason putting it on…. that may be a bit racy? and up to you)

https://intranet.rockcote.co.nz/assets/uploads/systems/documents/Rockcote%20Marrakesh/Artisan%20Book.pdf Check out the Artisan Interiors brochure for something a little less than standard.

Next week as we race to the (shhh ‘Christmas’) finish, more awesome people and interior fit outs!