C24, Life Box, Like Minded… Where it all began, from my perspective.

With Lifebox designed to accommodate multiple end uses, be it a Bach, visitor accommodation, office or a tiny home (your imagination is all that’s needed), flooring required some thought.

Vacuuming carpet at a bach, polishing chair marks made in the office or ensuring the floor wont swell to a trip hazard in the kitchen made finding a solution tricky, at least we thought so…

Rod Cook of Jacksons Flooring didn’t think so, he presented a couple of options (with his unwavering knowledge of all things floor coverings…) and made the selection process simple.

Now, I hit it off with Rod, once the flooring options were obvious, I’m pretty sure he read the situation ‘right off the bat’ and limited the colour choices so as the ‘girls’ couldn’t make life any harder with the back and forth of ‘what if’s’!

Armed with a sample, colour and type selected, Rod went to work with pulling apart the numbers (like a fraggle to a doozers construction site…. You’d need to be born in the 80’s to appreciate that reference) and came up trumps!

Rod had agreed to not only assist in the price but to install the flooring at no cost too.

Be warned, the biggest hold up would be ordering the flooring…. but Rod had some in stock!

A couple of phone calls, and email or three, a quick site measure (all of which was easy, mostly taken care of, within a week and more importantly, on time or earlier!!) Rod had a date for the install.

We were getting excited about the fact, our new flooring, a vinyl plank ‘warm cracked concrete’ colour was about to arrive on site and be installed so shortly after the original conversations!

Now believe it or not, they couldn’t commit to the date set…… They wanted to come in earlier!!

Blow and behold, two vans turn up, and out from the first was Hercules Morse’s, both as big as Horses, Caleb and Joel, strapping bearded fellas… that were…. Identical! (that had the girls in a spin, and left me feeling a little left out after a disastrous ‘trim’ turned into a self-inflicted full shave of the ol beard just days before)

The second van Muffin Mclay with hair like a bundle of hay (lots of curly blonde hair that reflected how much mine was receding…) Daniel, who I think has had enough of hearing about the twins looking the same… (because that’s what twins do…). Now I’m not sure if Daniel was pulling my leg when he mentioned the other lads were…. Well… a bit…. Well, he was the brains of the operation….

Either way (they can ‘discuss’ that point themselves) the job cracked on. Starting with the all-important surface prep. Prep really reflects throughout a job, and regardless of all three lads’ good humour, they knew exactly what they were doing.

A bit of sanding, filling, and a layer or two of adhesives that would remain flexible once set, the scene was clean, tidy and ready to go!

Now the fitting had its difficulties to me, because you had to work around several objects like finished kitchens and hand plastered walls, but Caleb, Joel and Daniel made it look rather easy, and the finish to my ‘hard to please eye’ was beyond expectation.

Talking to experts that over deliver, and then having experts turn up and do what they do best in less than a day…. That’s Jacksons Flooring summed up! Lifebox with a durable, good looking flooring that will continue to deliver for years!