C25. Life Box, Like Minded… Where it all began, from my perspective.

Not many of us relate to being the first kid picked for the team, but for owners Kirsty and Brent of A W Holders Plumbing Plus, they are all to familiar with being the first in line.

When you are the third generation in a business, known for its reputation of providing great service, supply the best brands and quality to trade and retail customers for decades and have a team behind you that work in harmony, you’re a natural first choice!

Whether you are fitting out a new home, renovating or simply trying to make a beat-up old container feel like home (Lifebox), Holders Plumbing Plus team are there to provide you with the knowledge and all the fittings and fixtures you could ask for.

Kirsty (the upbeat vibrant colourful butterfly she is) and Brent (the chilled out, happy to help, take the time to hear you out ‘dude’) were the first pick for the Lifebox team! The hardest part for us dealing with them, was knowing they would be one of the last suppliers to get the lime light, but that is what they do best, the end result stuff you get to look at and enjoy….

What we didn’t know, when picking Kirsty and Brent for the Lifebox sandpit, was that we would have their whole team (a fairly good-looking bunch at that) supporting us in the way they all have!

So…. When we approached A W Holders (probably at a guess, the best members of Plumbing Plus) for a helping hand, we were to say the least overwhelmed by the response!!

Within a couple of weeks (before Lifebox had become anything worth talking about or looking at) we had been supplied with a toilet, vanity, tapware for kitchen and bathroom, shower mixer and slide, heated towel rail, wastes and plugs, dudacky whatsits, whosyamabobs, fandangles, an infinity gas water heater and two full 18kg gas bottles to last the new owner a year or so!!

What’s more, they have stood by our side promoting us and the great charity project Lifebox has become (because I knew right from the start it would………. hmmmm) and I’ve secured a Holders top that actually accommodates my figure….

We have had the pleasure of meeting and mingling with the Whole Team rain hail or shine with them attending every event and delivering additional goods as required!

Fitting LifeBox with all these goodies, was a pleasure for Chris Olsen (who wasn’t frightened off the first time round…) from EIT Trades and Technology, as he also runs block courses for students. Two of the key requirements to pass the block course, is to assist in plumbing out a job and then fitting off/ finishing a job.

Rarely do the lads on these block courses attend the same job, but as luck would have it… the timing was impeccable with all the original lads back some months later to work on the same job on another of their block courses!

Not only have we now got a full size, fully functional bathroom in a small space, the fittings are of the best quality, and the commitment coupled with the Holders team service and amazing commitment in helping Lifebox succeed, makes me wonder why you wouldn’t make your next bathroom a Holders Bathroom!

Their website sums it up nicely (and as you’d expect from generations of trading knowledge and good old fashioned service values that are becoming a rarity)

“Holders Plumbing Plus – where the highest quality products and service costs no more”.