C26. Life Box, Like Minded… Where it all began, from my perspective.

Flat Roof Solutions – What does that really mean?

Not all roofing scenarios are created equal. Sure, a well-pitched roof, good eave overhangs and a durable material (metal etc) will assist in protecting your asset below. But…. Let’s be honest, that’s going to look a little less than average on a container and all proportions would be blown out!

What do you do with a flat roof (minimal fall) where you need to achieve a durable water tight surface and aren’t able to whack a good pitch on? You call in the experts!

We start the journey looking for the best solution to protect Lifebox in all elements. While the initial building consent accepted the container roof as suitable, we found several dents that could hold water (which is great if you want to hold water, but we don’t). Because it’s a shipping container that’s had who knows what on top of it, we went and spoke to Dion McFlinn (with the infectious grin) from Viking Roofspec. (actually, he came to see us, because we are worth seeing)

Dion Knows all there is to know about his products, (he’s a technical expert) membranes, application techniques and details. He’s seen it all, been there done that and was so willing to help.

With a plan in place, a membrane roof amendment was sent into council and accepted very promptly, because Viking Roofspec have all of the technical literature readily available to use!

Of course, it still needs to be installed (by another suitable expert) and the cost’s ironed out.

Brent Lawrence (externally undie clad superhero) from Flat Roof Solutions (Accredited Viking Roofspec Applicator) is just that expert! I should point out, Brent was only to happy to help and offer the install for free…… but he wasn’t about to stop there!

Brent couldn’t see why for such a great cause, the roof needed to cost anything!

He jumped on his rodeo horse (that I’ve named Silver as was the Lone Rangers even though it was a Ute), gathered his lasso and rode (drove) of into the sunset, (at mid-morning and it was overcast) with little more than Schwarzenegger’s words, “I’ll be back”.

Well he was…… He returned with good news! Dion (Viking Roofspec) was on board and the roof materials (membrane and foam substrate) coming in at no cost, Chris from Stratco roofing had the profile metal (to create a flat surface for the foam substrate) on its way and of course as per chapter 20 – Protrade’s Patrick all to eager to help by supplying the scaffold!

If it were a western film, Brent was the films hero in the end in a twist that won the nations hearts…… The award for most helpful would have been taken out should we have one….

With a little bit of help from our friends (think that’s a song) we (Ross and Me, Ross Reddington our resident ‘give us a hand Jonesy’) got the roof perimeter timber up ready for Brent and his team (the lads you can rely on Harley and Pat that compliment Flat Roof Solutions ‘can do’ business ethic).

They smashed it. It took them (due to Brent’s outstanding organisation in preparing/ organising, and Jonesy’s and my handywork…) just over a day. Lifebox has a single piece, full membrane roof with 2 degrees fall, a fascia and drip edge and for a little future proofing depending on the tiny homes last location, the option to put up a gutter and collect the water from the ‘potable’ roof!

Viking Roofspec ‘ensuring their materials will keep working beyond their promised warranty’, and Flat Roof Solutions keeping the bay water tight and looking good… Peace of mind right there!