Rockcote Hands On

Rockcoate’s rep Jason Waterson is focused on his product. He knows a lot about plaster systems and is an asset to have on site to steer contractors in the right direction to ensure the application will pass all warranty assessments.

Today Jason came out armed with boards and rubber gloves for the team at Architecture and Interiors to get a hands on experience with his plaster.

For us to really appreciate the texture of the plastered wall finish Jason got us creating some sample boards of our own. We were able to apply the plaster, create a render and add paint effects.

It became a little competitive in the end, trying to make the best board.

As well as our own training day, we also got the opportunity to help plaster the Lifebox walls.

We see Lifebox as an opportunity to grow our own skills and develop as Architectural Designers by better understanding the product we are using or specifying.