C27. Life Box, Like Minded… Where it all began, from my perspective.

Well, like Shortland Street, after a magical summer break, we are back with more suspense and intensity as it all ramps up towards the big day…. Auction Day! Just around the corner now… (will reveal that date in just a couple of weeks in the hope you’ll keep reading the blogs a little longer…)

Interior touches starting to make themselves evident as the Girls ‘ohh and ahh’ over the frilly bits and pieces and try to involve me out of curtesy as I roll my eyes and pretend, I’m interested…

Window coverings…. You don’t think about it until you must, but of course the Girls had…

Well, till I stuck my beak in and took an interest, insisting we talk to Kathy of Kathy’s Drapes by Design. A small and busy locally owned curtain boutique.

Kathy’s Drapes by design have fitted out my house (a villa with exceptional high windows and cold enough in winter to house the aquariums overflow of Antarctic penguins) with total black out, thermally lined curtains with a rather stunning Dutch pleats… (so I likes me some curtains….)

When we approached Kathy, she was excited to be asked and play her part in LifeBox and had it all sorted from the get-go, couldn’t wait to leave her mark and of course, was happy to supply the labour, fabric and installation free of charge!

Husband and Wife team, Kathy, (like her fabrics and wall papers) is bright, bubbly, enthusiastic and does what she does with outstanding knowledge and conviction, And Vinny (an art piece of colour himself, although prefers the shadows to Kathy’s limelight) takes care of all the fitting and installation requirements with absolute perfection… (one minute he’s there, the curtain blows and he’s gone without a trace like a phantom in a stage show without the face mask….)

Of course, they have their team of handpicked ‘Doers’ that make it all happen in the background and are all equally delightful to deal with when you venture into the shop (that should be renamed ‘Kathy and Wonderland’) that has so much to touch and see…

Kathy and Vinny strive to be the best there is, with selection, options and professional services with very little “off the shelf” available as everything they do is tailored to you and your home.

LifeBox is no exception, with the fresh, ‘windswept and flirting’ lightly coloured pleated curtains that don’t just compliment the 6m opening but play with the joinery and all the configurations that are created throughout the days as people are in and out, opening and closing….

Vinny too was on board with us and whisked in, without hesitation, had the simple and clean curtain rail up, curtains hung and left LifeBox cleaner than when he arrived!

Kathy’s Drapes by Design not only sorted the largest opening, but went the extra mile, organised and installed roller blinds to the bedroom and kitchen windows!

You know, some things make all the difference at certain stages of completion, and tailored window coverings does exactly that. A sense of achievement and completion along with an ease and comfort beginning to show inside LifeBox. Need window coverings or looking for your sense off achievement, call Kathy and the expert team, ‘Drapes by design’ about says it all!

We are ever closer, and it will all come to conclusion shortly, and we cant thank all of our sponsors enough!