C28. Life Box, Like Minded… Where it all began, from my perspective.

Oh my, just two Blogs left!

By the time we reach the last blog in just two more weeks, (which I may actually miss doing as I get a small break from work and try to refrain from the wild ideas in my head going too far astray as I ponder in writing) LifeBox will begin a marketing campaign, and then be under the hammer!

LifeBox has a little more than just the finishing touches going on…. There is a new sponsor on board who has quite literally blown our socks off!

Farmers, who is already a corporate partner to Look Good Feel Better and does their fair share in sponsorship, are now on board with LifeBox.

The ‘Girls’ in all their excitement re the pretty stuff (we covered off the passion for touchy feely sensory stuff before, that the girls indulge themselves in… urgh) decided they would contact Farmers and see what the chances may be to obtain some furnishings to decorate LifeBox for marketing photos and the big day…

When they approached HawkesBay local Jordan Goodall (Communication and Sponsorship Manager/ the best of the best assumedly well dressed) of Farmers, they had a better than expected and positive response…

Jordan got straight on the ol blower (per say, I’m sure in this day and age it would have been an email) and sent the big wigs, Nikki Newton-Cross (Head of Corporate Relations) and Natasha Thomas (Events Manager) in our direction. Nikki and Natasha, (the behind the scenes make it all happen team) asked the Girls to send through a ‘mood board’ of the look they were after to dress LifeBox.

At this stage, it was confirmed that Farmers were happy to lend us a few bits and pieces, or so the Girls though….

Natasha was back in touch and emailed through a list of items (based on the ‘mood board’) that had been sent through from the eye of detail Natasha. The Girls were left in ore of all of the items heading our way, the time in which they were going to arrive and then it dawned…

The email received from Nikki, wasn’t implying the items would be lent, but some $7,500 worth of furnishings and décor was being given to LifeBox to be used and sold as part of the package!!

From a beautiful sofa and chaise snuggling into the living area, a simply clean and minimalistic side table to accommodate all your bits and pieces, a double bed with the best inner sprung sleep supporting mattress accompanied with the necessities in way of bed side night stands, low, natural timber and steel element bar stools for the kitchen….

Oh, and then the decadence if that wasn’t fancy enough…. all the bedding, duvet set with an incredible down and feather inner, European and standard sized plush pillows, fashioned cushions, delightfully textured throws, a complete finely decorated and clean lined dinner set (plates/ bowls etc) and indoor plants and pots to liven the space with a splash of the green from outside making its way indoors!

Can you believe it! LifeBox is to be completely furnished by Farmers! What an extraordinary added bonus for not just LifeBox and Look Good Feel Better, but who ever becomes the homes new owner in just a few short weeks!

Thank you Farmers, from one end of LifeBox to the other! (insinuating a big 12m long thank you!)