C29. Life Box, Like Minded… Where it all began, from my perspective

The finishing touches…

LifeBox in its new position ready to great people as they enter the property to take a look…

The final bits and pieces all go together with great pace, as the Real Estate Guru makes his way toward the marketing. (He will be up next week!)

Ideal Electricals’ Adeana was at the front counter taking care of all the bits and pieces required to finish of the electrical to do list, with fingers the speed of lighting on the keyboard and a charm to match… (oh, and a discount for us like you wouldn’t believe)

EIT Trades Electrical Tutor, Tu Haggerty back in action piecing together the switchboard and ‘livening’ LifeBox for its final test and electrical certificate sign off….

A W Holders Plumbing Plus Kirsty (the upbeat vibrant colourful butterfly she is) and Brent (the chilled out, happy to help, take the time to hear you out ‘dude’) back in supply mode with the last of the gas components and also a decision to supply a fancy laundry tub and taps with pull out drawers for the new owner….

EIT Trades Plumbing Tutor, Chris Olsen back with a team of plumbing students, fit of the gas, run both hot and cold water through and pressure test the water ‘veins’ pulsing through LifeBox… A pass on all accounts and a gas certificate/ as built plumbing plan supplied.

Metro Glass was back, Kent the fella from Architecture and Interiors “good bast@#ds” wall of fame, came to the party with Glass splash backs and mirrors. Metro also made both the bathroom and bedroom doors, glass sliding doors on tracks that have dual purposes.

Judith and the team at Sign It Up Genius Signwriters keeping the logos flowing for all of our sponsors names and also putting some pretty awesome privacy frosting on the bathroom window and door and the bedroom door to match!

Twin City have been here for a couple of days on a first for them…. The massive louvres that shade, shut, open, and secure the container frontage. They like us love the look and were stoked to create a look a little different to their regular work.

The ‘Girls’ have been fluffing about with bits and pieces inside working through the space and playing with all of the looks achievable thanks to the generosity of Farmers!

Fusion Joinery found a few spare hours to have Dave out and back a couple of times finishing off the joinery, fitting the wardrobe drawers and rail, and adding a floating shelf near on the length of the kitchen for additional storage.

Can you believe we are there….