C30. Life Box, Like Minded… Where it all began, from my perspective.

That’s it, the last Blog that should have been last week…. (But with a small oversight), we had to wait a little longer for our Code of Compliance Certificate to come through…. We forgot the smoke alarm!

So, while it was sitting on my desk, proving quite enjoyable to play with as when the Girls least expected it, I would test its function with an ear piercing 90+ dB rating…. Mwah ha har…

CCC now sorted, there is little left to do than wait. We are all swing with marketing now and can’t believe the response to date. So many people sharing, enquiring and showing real interest in what begun as idea ‘Twentington’ and will soon be an auction.

Of course, there are a few things we are out of our depth with, (the Girls more so than me naturally and according some keyboard warriors’ responses to our articles…) and marketing happens to be just one of those.

That’s where Leon Dear Extraordinaire (Tremain’s best real estate agent, ‘can I say that?) comes in….

Have you seen The Cat in A Hat movie, the one where Thing One and Thing Two wreak havoc at the speed of light, well I’ve aptly named Leon Dear Thing Three! Not for the havoc or chaos, but the energy that makes the girls frantic ideas and my ‘V’ fuelled foot tapping seem rather meek.

Leon from Day one, came with sufficient energy to power a small village’s night time tv shows, full of ideas that made the container conversion (‘Lifebox’) seem like something that we should have been able to do in a day and some how discussed having Lama’s in the paddock at work…

Not to go to far astray, Leon is on the ball (not like Dr Seuss’ Cat) but more like Dr Seuss, with his insight, ideas and head strong, anything is possible attitude, and seeing that Real Estate is more than just selling houses.

Leon has a vision for every home he makes contact with, an understanding of his market and can see better ways to advertise and share with you (the buyers) what is really on offer with compelling videos and trending social media marketing.

Leon (Thing Three) is not on his own though, he has the backing and support of Tremain’s Napier, who in turn with Leon, have taken care of all of the marketing and advertising and are happily doing the entire campaign (Free!!) as their part for the charity project LifeBox!

Now even Leon Dear Extraordinaire knows his limits and admits he’s no auctioneer, (although I reckon if he gave it a nudge, he’d probably pull that off too…) but of course Tremain’s have a handful or more agents with the very expertise required to make an auction a winning event. We aren’t actually sure exactly who that is going to be yet but have full confidence Mr Dear has something under his hat!

If you have been hibernating under a rock and somehow haven’t had a stalk deliver you any flyers, or seen all of the publicity around LifeBox, get busy, check out the open home dates, and of course come along to the auction day and meet the sponsors.

While you’re there Grab a sausage thanks to our friends The Beard Brothers and be sure not to blink (and resist that poorly timed crutch itch) unless like a car sales banner (the American ones like a tall tube with flailing arms) you want to place your bid.

Thanks to EVERYONE involved in making LifeBox come true, wish us (and LGFB) luck at the auction!

30 blogs in 42 weeks, so many to thank, so little time left…. over and out!