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The Basics:

Cancer, it’s much more than just a word.

Sadly, cancer is a group of diseases that invade the body and go about its work destroying body tissue in several different forms, BUT we are fighting back!

Cancer has and will impact most all of us throughout our life, be it a story about someone we know, personally, loved ones or colleagues. We all have a story, so Life Box came about to do our bit and help. (follow our blog about how it all began)

Look Good Feel Better:

One of the amazing charity groups that do awesome work and help those people travelling the paths they need to travel in their fight against cancer.

They run a programme for all people to teach and assist managing the “Appearance based” side effect of cancer treatments and are so aptly named ‘Look good Feel Better’. If you don’t already know who they are, click on the link and have a look. The rely on donations, volunteers and the kindness of others.

Where Does Life Box Fit In:

We are taking a 40ft container that can only be described as having lived a hard life. We will transform the container into a fully consented habitable multiuse space for its next leg of life.

This new home will be built with the dedication and kindness of many amazing people, companies and volunteers all wanting to help where they too understand the impact of cancer, with the result of the container then Looking good and feeling better.

The container (Life Box) will once complete with architecturally designed ‘quirks’ and quality fittings and fixtures be auctioned off to find its new location.

All profits and proceeds will go to support Look Good Feel Better in the hope they will be able to continue their amazing work in helping so many people.

You too can help:

Support the charity and donate if you can spare a few dollars. Every cent helps. Support the great local businesses and sponsors supporting us.

Follow our blog where the whole story will be unfolding week by week, and we will do our best to educate you all along the way.


C30. Life Box, Like Minded… Where it all began, from my perspective.

That’s it, the last Blog that should have been last week…. (But with a small oversight), we had to wait a little longer for our Code of Compliance Certificate to come through…. We forgot the smoke alarm! So, while it was sitting on my desk, proving quite enjoyable to play with as when the Girls

C29. Life Box, Like Minded… Where it all began, from my perspective

The finishing touches… LifeBox in its new position ready to great people as they enter the property to take a look… The final bits and pieces all go together with great pace, as the Real Estate Guru makes his way toward the marketing. (He will be up next week!) Ideal Electricals’ Adeana was at the

C28. Life Box, Like Minded… Where it all began, from my perspective.

Oh my, just two Blogs left! By the time we reach the last blog in just two more weeks, (which I may actually miss doing as I get a small break from work and try to refrain from the wild ideas in my head going too far astray as I ponder in writing) LifeBox will

C27. Life Box, Like Minded… Where it all began, from my perspective.

Well, like Shortland Street, after a magical summer break, we are back with more suspense and intensity as it all ramps up towards the big day…. Auction Day! Just around the corner now… (will reveal that date in just a couple of weeks in the hope you’ll keep reading the blogs a little longer…) Interior

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